Photographic report of the Alterman Summer School 2017

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Welcome by the dean of the Faculty of Transportation Engineering  
and the rector of the UACEG at Sofia. 

Prof. Norbert A'Campo during his lecture on Riemann surfaces.

The lecture room during one of the sessions.

Danail Brezov during his lecture.

Ramon González during his lecture.

Prof. Zbigniew Oziewicz during his lecture.

Meeting point at the Alexander Nevsky cathedral to go to Rila.  

At the entrance of the National History Museum.

José talking about the Thracian treasure.


Visiting Rila monastery.

Lunch in the way to Rila monastery.


Danail Brezov giving flight safety instructions for coming back. 


Social dinner at Sofia.

Lecture of Prof. Rafal Ablamowicz at the lab by video conference.

At the lab hearing Prof. Ablamowicz.

Prof. José Vargas lecturing about The Unity of Geometry. 

Dimiter Prodanov explaining his software at the lab.

Prof. José Vargas lecturing on Kähler calculus.

Young attendees at the closure of the Summer School.