Alterman Summer School on Geometric
Algebra and  Kähler Calculus

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July 31st- August 4th 2017             Sofia (Bulgaria)


Tourist information


Sofia is a town where ancient history meets the modern lifestyle with many sightseeing places. We have listed here the more important places recommended for visiting:  

1. National HRython-Zlatinitsa treasureistrory Museum , where one can see amazing artifacts such as the famous golden treasures of the Thracian kings. We are planning an organized visit in the day off and with some luck, we might be able to see the first known processed gold in the world, found near Varna, an artifact of an advanced civilization populating the Balkans before the Flood that formed the Black Sea.

2. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is one of the largest Eastern Orthodox cathedrals in the world, really an inspiring architectural monument worth seeing.

3. Boyana Church is an early medieval (X century) church full of history and especially famous for its unique frescoes dating back from different periods.

Church of St. George4. Ancient town of Serdika. There are many ancient churches and mosques in the old city center such as: Church of St. George (IV century), Church of St Sophia (VI century), Church of St Petka (XIV century) and Banya Bashi Mosque (XVI century). In this district one may also visit ancient Roman excavation underground sites, e.g. the amphitheatre of Serdica.

5. The St. Nedelya Church is famous for the attempt by a radical terrorist group (the communist party, which later took control of the country) to assassinate the monarch in 1925. The main dome of the building was blown killing 150 people but all members of the government survived. After that, martial law was enforced and the conspirators were severely prosecuted, which created martyrs for the future propaganda of the regime established with the violent coup in 1944.

6. The Earth and Man National Museum  is a peaceful place, not far from the university, where one can see and touch giant minerals.

Borisova Gradina7. Borisova Gradina is a large park in the city center (right next to the university), which offers some fresh and cool air, and is a place of intense social life during the summer. Most of it, however, is literally a forest, so you may also enjoy a walk in solitude there, but still, try not to be lost.

8. The Vitosha Mountain is a beautiful place for a day trip, with really nice views - the city is literally at the foot of the mountain, although there are over twenty other mountains in immediate proximity (less than one hour driving). One of the big ones is Rila Mountain that has the highest peak on the Balkans - Musala (literally, "close to God") at 2925.4m. The route is not long and rather friendly, and the feeling up there - utterly amazing. The mountain is a sacred place (and believed to be an extraordinary energy center) for the White brotherhood society founded by Peter Deunov in the beginning of XX century and presently spread worldwide. Its members gather there in specific time of the year (late August) and perform esoteric ritual dance known as Paneurhythmy. The mountain is also famous for being a home for Saint John of Rila - an early medieval hermit andRila Monastery miracle-maker who, after becoming a monk, went to exile and lived in a cave for the rest of his life. Saint John (Sveti Ivan Rilski) was respected by the people and known for his wisdom even to kings. The Rila Monastery, built by his disciples and followers in X century is now one of the major monuments of history and Orthodox religion on the Balkans.




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Bania Bashia Mosque Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Ivan Bazov National Theater Sofia Synagogue